Fluxless Magnesium Recycling System

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Automatic System

Equipment Name

Fluxless Magnesium Recycling System (EFRS-500)

Structure and Shape

Fluxless Magnesium Recycling System

Function of Each Part

  1. Input Conveyor : It automatically transfers the input magnesium scrap to the position .
  2. Pre-heated Conveyor : It preheats all the scraps before moving to the position (melting furnace).
  3. Material Input Device : It automatically transfers the preheated scrap to the position (melting furnace).
  4. Melting Furnace : As an electronic melting furnace to melt the input scrap, it removes impurities in the scrap through a primary filtration.
  5. Transfer Siphon : It automatically transfers the melt and primarily filtered magnesium into the position (holding furnace) to wait for casting.
  6. Holding Furnace : As a place to store the liquid magnesium waiting for casting, it stores magnesium refined through the secondary filtration and other various measures.
  7. Pump : It automatically transfer magnesium in liquid state to casting mold.
  8. Casting conveyor : It cools the cast ingot, and automatically transfers it after demolding.

Manufacturing process chart (Flowchart)

① Inputting and preheating scrap

② Melting scrap and primarily refining impurities in the scrap

③ Transferring the primarily refined magnesium into holding furnace

④ Degasifying and refining impurities secondarily

⑤ Casting ingot

⑥ Transferring/cooling ingot

⑦ Demolding ingot

⑧ Product packing